This creative project is one that I am most proud of. “The Dreamers” is a collection of images that I have been creating over my years as a photographer. I’m drawn to images with the theme of fairytales, drama and wonder. This shoot features my daughter, Rowan, as the model. I came up with this original concept, designed and constructed the blue dress, shot the images and did all the editing. My family helped out too, even the little ones! My husband, Ryan, is always there for me when I need technical help. My other three kids help with holding reflectors or gear for me during the shoot. And Rowan did an amazing job. Here are some of my favorites from this session.

Making adjustments to a lot of tulle
Some great reflector-holders there
My son Finn shot this image of me with my crew
A phone video my husband took when we were setting up ~ my youngest decides she wants no part of holding a reflector. (Give it a second to load)
Heading to the next set-up location
After the shoot with the kids ~ I love that they get to have these experiences in creativity coming to life