Every year since 2013, I’ve done a conceptual photo shoot with my kids around Halloween time. It has become a fun tradition that we look forward to each fall. Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes look at the making of our 2017 Halloween shoot, “Alice in Wonderland”. Thank you to my mom, Ann, for the tea party table set up, husband Ryan for makeup and technical help, and my grandma and mother-in-law for some of the props.

My expressive and excited little actors are: Bergen (The Red Queen), Finn (The Mad Hatter), Rowan (Alice) & Declan (The White Rabbit).

The amazing tea party set-up, arranged by my mom
The White Rabbit with the most important prop, the cupcakes
The Mad Hatter, and his amazing hair
She makes the perfect Alice
Here’s the final image!
It was a little freaky how easy it was for him to get into character
The cast, after wrapping the shoot
Warming up in the truck & finally getting to eat a cupcake
Hanging out with the set pieces in the back of the truck
The cast and technical crew
Alice, lost in the woods again